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Retrofitting is an installation process where an old window is removed, leaving the frame. A new window is then installed into the old frame. This process is less costly than the new construction process. Retrofitting saves you money for labor.

Low E Windows are dual glazed. This means that the interior surface between the glass has a very thin layer of metal oxide which screens solar heat gain during hot weather. This layer also helps filter out UV Rays. This thin coating reduces heat loss during the winter months.

A “Pre-Hung” Door is a door that is made with a new frame. A “Slab” is a door that is installed into an existing frame. During installation of a “Pre-Hung” door, the old frame is removed and the new frame is installed. The benefit of a new frame is that it insures that the size of the door fits perfectly into the frame.

After replacing your windows and doors you will experience many benefits such as noise reduction, lower energy bills and added value to your home. New windows will be weathertight and will reduce heat loss from your home, helping your central heating system to function more efficiently. Improving your insulation will also help you to keep cool during the summer.
From the time you order your windows and doors it can take from 3-4 weeks for your shipment to arrive. Once we have received your windows and doors, we will work with you to schedule the best time to complete installation. These times may vary based on the different products you order and how busy we are.